OrthoPets is the leader in Dog Knee Injury Custom Made Devices.

If you’re interested in a custom knee brace for your pet – visit our Dog Knee Brace page and fill out the information request form.

In order to be properly fitted for a stifle device, you will need to have your pet’s veterinarian fill out a short form. The form can be viewed as a pdf at the following link – Dog Knee Injury Device Form

Below are some videos showing the success OrthoPets patients have had with their orthotic devices.

4 thoughts on “OrthoPets

  1. OrthoPets! I was looking into brace solutions when researching options for Jasmine’s knee injury. I looked at a whole lot of braces and OrthoPets’ products are the only ones that looked the way I felt they should.

    I had a long talk with the founder and asked a lot of questions. I was really impressed with how well thought out their product is.

    Truly properly fitted, inside padded with diabetic foam on which it shows what adjustments need to be made for perfect fit depending on each dogs particular movement and resting preference.

    Had we pursued the brace solution, OrthoPets would have been our choice.

  2. Our 2 yr. old German Shepherd has had surgery for torn ACL on both hind knees.The first operation on the rt rear knee healed in 3 months. The second operation on th left knee has now been 5 months and she still limps.The Vet now thinks he should do another operation and remove all of the miniscus in that knee. Is this a wise choice, and what about a knee brace, would that help after the second operation or instead of one?

  3. Sherry, I think your girl is a bit young for moving on to a brace solution, though it can stabilize the knee for it to heal. It does do it differently than corrective surgery.

    Which surgery did you have done?

    Which diagnostics did you vet use and which surgery does he recommend?

  4. I should have a diagnosis tomorrow. If Olivia has an ACL tear,I will probably opt for conservative treatment due to her age. My question is does Orthopets accept Care Credit to purchase the braces?

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