LSS Surgery vs. Conservative Management for Small Dogs – Max

Two days ago Max, our 4 year old very active 18 pound Westie, would not walk when he woke up. We took him to the vet, and they said he tore his ACL and recommended LSS surgery. They gave him pain medication and laser therapy.

By the afternoon he was acting normally because he couldn’t feel any pain. We decided on the LSS surgery, but then this morning we did not give him any medication and he is acting completely normally. He is running around, playing, and even standing on his hind legs. You would never know he had an injury. It has only been one day, and Max has moved on with his life.

Now we are questioning if he should have surgery at all or if CM is a better route. We don’t want to risk re-injury or a full tear but also don’t want to put him through surgery and rehab if it is unnecessary. What should we do?

2 thoughts on “LSS Surgery vs. Conservative Management for Small Dogs – Max

  1. Well … I don’t see how a cruciate injury get feeling fine the next day. On the other hand, he may or may not be feeling effects of the therapy.

    I think the best thing to do, before doing anything, is getting a second opinion.

    Note: did your vet get positive “drawer sign”?

  2. Get a second opinion and conduct your own research, too! Since you have a small dog, there is a good chance that CM will be successful for Max. You could also look into other non-surgical methods, like a brace or water therapy. Personally, I used a WoundWear brace. My dog recovered quite well and even though it took lots of patience, it still was way better than surgery. Definitely check them if you are looking for options. Best of luck to you and Max!

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