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My Shepard/Golden Retriever mix had surgery over 2 yrs ago when she was 8 yrs old. She is a big dog (not fat, just big). It had to be done a second time after about 6 wks. She seemed to be a bit better.

Now she is 10 yrs old. She has trouble with the stairs in our home. My bigest concern has been that in the 2 yrs. since the surgery, the drain site has never healed. It still seems to open and drain sometimes. As soon as I think it is finally getting better, it opens again. I have had her on antibiotics several times. Nothing seems to work.

Now she is getting older and her other side now seems to have problems, probably from compensating. I love her!

How do I tell if she is having to much pain? Any suggestions to help her? I don’t want to put her down – I love her and she will do anything she needs. I don’t want her in pain all the time. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time!

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  1. Which surgery did she have? There is something quite wrong about this situation in my opinion. What does her surgeon say about this? I would start by getting a second opinion.

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