A-Trac Dynamic Brace After Two Failed Extracapsular Surgeries – Mya

Dog Knee Brace Experience – A-Trac Dynamic Brace

I had a very different experience with the A-TraC Dynamic Brace than you and Tucker. We used it with phenomenal success! When my Golden Retriever mix (Mya) ruptured her cruciate ligament, we tried Extracapsular surgery but it failed – TWICE! I did not want to put Mya through another surgery, nor could I possibly afford an additional $4,000 for TPLO. Instead, I ordered the A-TraC brace. I picked the A-TraC Dynamic Brace over other braces because of its soft, Neoprene fabric. Other braces I looked into were made out of plastic with hinges, and I thought they would be noisy, clunky, and uncomfortable for Mya.

From the moment I put the brace on, Mya was putting full weight on her wounded leg. Mya wore the brace 24/7 for eight weeks, during which time I followed the rehab protocol to the tee – that is, keeping her quiet, taking her for increasingly longer walks on level ground, then moving to inclines.

The brace never seemed to bother Mya, and she left it completely alone. I took it off once to wash it and to my surprise, when I put it back on Mya did not at all object!

It has been seven months since Mya stopped wearing the brace and she is doing fantastic! Her surgeon is very impressed – she is completely healed! She is not at all lame and enjoys as much activity now as she did before her injury.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for Tucker. I can’t really say why our experiences were so different. I feel really fortunate to have found the A-TraC Dynamic Brace and highly recommend it!

To read about Tucker’s experience with the ATraC dog knee brace click here.

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  1. We just bought the A-Trac Brace for our dog Britney. I will let you know if it helps her. She has a torn ACL in her right back knee.

  2. Our 12 year old Lab has worn the A-Trac Brace for 3 months (day & night, 24/7) after tearing her ligament in her right rear leg. She adapted to it immediately and never tried to chew it or remove it which we were surprised. After having severed her left leg ligament 5 years ago, we knew she was too old to go through the surgery again. The design of your brace is amazing and the quality of the product is great. It saved her left leg as well as she was putting to much pressure on it. Well worth the money spent. We feel our vet’s office here in Fort Myers, FL will recommend it to other patients. This brace has have given our old dog her quality of life back and we are so grateful. We are taking her to swim at the beach tomorrow which she has not done in many months

    1. Carol, I live in Fort Myers also. I have a 6 year old black lab who has two bad knees. I am considering purchasing the A trac brace. I would love to talk with you about it. I was also wondering who your vet is. If you would please contact me I would really appreciate it. You could either call me or email me. My phone number is (redacted). Thank you,

      1. Hi I would love to know if you purchased it and how it worked. Please email me. I live in cape coral florida.

    2. Hi I have a 2yr old Cane Corso mastiff and she recently tore her left acl ligament. She went through surgery about 3 weeks ago and I was think about getting her the brace for the injured leg and also to save the other leg from injury. I was wondering how the brace worked for you in the long run. Thanks Marie

  3. We have an 11-1/2 year old Bouv who has been diagnosed w/ a partially torn left knee ligament. She had a plate put in her front left leg last year to replace bone destroyed by cancer. That’s doing well, but surgery for the ligament is not a good option for her because of the long healing time and pain involved. She is not in pain now from the ligament, but I don’t want to have her do further damage. I’m encouraged by the successes w/ the knee brace and look forward to hearing more. After all she (and we) have been through w/ the cancer, I would hate to lose her over a torn ligament!

  4. I have an 11 year old Blond Golden, Casper who I love dearly and he just injured his knee very badly and he had knee surgeryin 2004 and the recovery was horrible. My husband is not into surgery and I am looking for any alternative to get him walking again. The big issue is we have stairs so now he cannot go up the stairs to bed where he belongs. I have been sleeping with him but it has been rough. Of course the Vet feels he needs surgery. I am just not physically able to take care of him and this is going to be a long road. They put him on all kinds of meds and it has been a mess. Diarreah all over the house. We, my husband and I are exhausted. Where do I get this brac from? We need some type of relief now.


    I am not ready to loose my best friend and I miss are walks and it has only been a week.

  5. This brace is the biggest hoax I have ever seen. I bought the brace at $350? and got the wrong size and even a used brace. Would not return and it does state no refunds. The brace is not user friendly and my dog would not even move with it on. Biggest joke and just trying to help my baby. Don’t buy it.

    1. I still think this is the biggest hoax every. I just haven’t sent it back – what a joke.

      Cynthia Keim

  6. Cynthia,

    I used the woundwear A-traC brace for my golden retriever and it worked great. I spoke to their personal a few times before I purchased it to make sure it would work. I took Goldie to my local vet for them to take measurements. Did you do the measurements yourself or have a vet take them? The woundwear person did say they will make exchanges for sizing, you should give them a call back! The brace worked wonders for Goldie!


  7. Hi there, my dog is a 10 year old Shepherd/Boxer/Rotty mix who, about 4 years ago tore her right ligament and I had the TPLO surgery. Personally in hindsight, I felt like this was very aggressive and it didn’t turn out well for my dog. While technically the surgery did what it was supposed to do, my dog still walks with a limp and is stiff. Recently, she has now torn or partially torn her ligament in her left leg but surgery is just not an option. I’m very interested in the A-Trac brace, I’m just concerned about it being somewhat of a hoax and in regards to getting the sizing correct…I think I read one person went to their vet to have them help with measurements? I know this isn’t a quick, miracle fix, I just can’t imagine my dog (who is family to me) limping and in pain the rest of her life…I’m hopeful the A-Trac will provide her with not only stability and support, but confidence and a better quality of life. Please respond if you’ve had experience (good or bad) with this A-Trac dynamic knee brace.

  8. Becky,

    I suggest you call Dr. Spatt at woundwear and discuss the measurements with him. I called him for Zep and worked with my Vet to get the correct measurements. The fitment is very important, I had my Vet do a “table top” xray. I am not sure of Cynthia did the same or not.

    I just submitted an article for Dogkneeinjury about my experience with Zep.

    It isn’t a quick fix, but it can do miracles. It takes some time, patience, and commitment from you. I am very happy with the results!

    Ed K.

    1. Hi my name is Sandra. My dog Murdock had surgery a few years ago and it was horrible he just torn his ACL in his other leg and the vet said he needs surgery. He’s 9 years old and he’s a Mastiff mix I don’t think he would make it through the recovery. Can I pick your brain about this knee brace. I am so heartbroken. I would do anything for him. I’m also not in a financial situation again to do another surgery.

      1. I am sorry Sandy but your vet is the one that can tell you if it will work and some have there own contraptions that they recommend. I still stand that this brace is a waste of money. Your vet knows best and as I have done get a second opinion. Best of luck. Never got my money back.

  9. I am glad everyone is having good results with this but I still think it is a joke and I received a worn piece of gear and we did all the instructions per and I am just mad at myself for thinking this type of contraption would even work. My vet just laughed at me and it will never repair anything that requires surgery. I am finally mailing it back in hopes i will get something back for being sold a piece of junk.

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