Dog ACL Surgery Cost in 2021 Dog: Find Out What The Cost Of Dog Knee Surgery Is Near You

If your dog has injured their knee you may be wondering what the cost of surgery will be. The answer to this question will depend on these primary factors:

  1. What Type Of Knee Surgery: There are four primary variations of dog knee surgery, some will cost more while others will be more economical choices. 
  2. Location: Where you live will influence the price of dog knee surgery, as the cost is significantly higher in Urban locations.
  3. Additional Fees: Blood work, specialized collars, medication, post operative care, and other associated expenditures.

This article will give you a general sense of the cost of dog knee surgery in 2021; however, you will need to contact the clinic of your choice for the specific cost breakdown and to find out if they offer financing. 

Cost Of Knee Surgery For Your Dog Based On Procedure: TPLO, TTA, Tight Rope, Or Lateral Suture

There is no way around the fact that dog knee surgery is going to cost a pretty penny, not to mention the cost of medications, and post operative care. That being said there is a spectrum of cost dependent on what type of surgery you choose for your dog. 

To this day the most common knee surgery for dogs is Lateral Suture, although not the most progressive procedure, it will do the trick and not break your bank account. 

Considering Surgery?

Depending on where you live this surgery will cost between $1000.00 to $2000.00 USD. These prices do not include medications, vitamins, or post operative care. Many clinics offer financing, which means the price can be broken down to a more manageable monthly payment. 

According to Dr. Patty Khuly, whether your veterinarian is board certified or not will also influence the cost, with the former adding at least an additional 1K to the cost of surgery.  (insert link) (1)

Dr. Khuly goes on to describe TPLO as ‘the gold standard’ for dog knee surgery:

“TPLO or TTA, or another of the so-called, “leveling osteotomies”: These procedures are currently considered the “gold standard” approach to surgical management of the cruciate ligament injury-affected patient who weighs over 25 pounds. With a TPLO or TTP, the knee is stabilized in a way that conforms to the normal weight-bearing stresses of the joint. A metal plate is inserted to achieve that newly-artificial balance. Dogs are usually back to almost normal in six weeks.” (1)

These types of surgeries can cost anywhere from $4000.00 to $8000.00 depending on where you live, and whether your vet is board certified.


Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic offers Lateral Suture surgery for as low as $1075.00 USD by a board certified Vet, reminding the patient’s owner that this does not include blood work, post surgery collar, or any other associated fees. (2)

In New York City at Ballston Spa, you will be able to pay as little as $4100.00 for TPLO surgery for a large dog.  This does not include any additional fees. The cost is slightly lower for smaller dogs. 

The Cost Of Dog Knee Surgery By Location

Rural veterinary services in general will cost less than their urban counterparts. While this may be advantageous to your pocketbook, there are less options available to explore. 

It is certainly possible to receive excellent veterinary care in rural areas, but as is the case with all services options are more limited. You may pay less for surgery in less populated areas, however you may not have access to the most advanced and progressive forms of dog knee surgery. 

In some cases you may be able to receive Lateral Suture surgery for as low as $750.00 USD, in rural Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas. 

It is rare to find a vet in low populated areas that will offer TPLO or TTA surgery, although not impossible. 

Hidden Fees: Blood Work, Medication, Collars, and Time Off Work

Lateral Suture Dog Surgery

As you calculate the cost for your dog’s knee surgery in 2021, a few final considerations are as follows:

Dog knee surgery is variable in cost.  From upwards of $10K USD to as little as $750 USD, however with some creativity and solid research there are ways to find an affordable way to get the surgery your dog needs and deserves.  

  • Most listed prices do not include blood work, medication, and post operative care.
  • Home Preparation (baby crates for confinement (insert article), cannel, recovery bed, no slip floor supplies, and anything else you may need to purchase for your home to create a safe post op space for your dog. 
  • Specialty Collar
  • Physical Therapy
  • Time off of work. you, the owner,  will play a huge role in your dog’s recovery. This means that, unless you work from home, you will need to schedule time off of work. If you do not have paid sick leave this may cost you loss of income. 

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  1. Have a 8 year old Golden Retriever and she needs ACL surgery and my VET wants about 4K. I was interested in finding out a VET close to Minnesota I will drive to other states to do the surgery for under 2,000. Do you have a list of VET’s in my area to do this???

    Thank you,

  2. Hello, We are also seeking affordable ACL surgery on a female full grown Labrodor Retriever in Western Maine. We have also been quoted 4k, the same as the previous post!

    If you can point us in the right direction, it would appreciated. THANKS!

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