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Have a question related to TPLO surgery, or want a recommendation for a veterinarian performing the Tightrope procedure in your area?

Want to know what the best dog knee brace available is?

Don’t be shy… Post on our NEW Dog Knee Injury Forum!

In response to the high volume of comments a lot of the post have been getting, I’ve opened up the forums as a way for dog owners to connect and discuss their dog’s orthopedic issues with one another.

How to post on the Dog Knee Injury Forum:

Forums for Dog Ligament Injury1) You must register for a user name to post on the forum.

2) After you’ve registered and retrieved your password from your email, log in (I recommend changing the password to something you’ll remember) and start posting!

3) Keep the comments on topic, and be nice. If anyone encounters any issues on the forum please post in the comments on this page/use the contact form, and I will look into it.

4 thoughts on “CCL Repair Forum for Dogs

  1. I am looking for anyone who has had post-op problems with the CCL fishing line surgery. Our 22 lb. poodle had the surgery almost four weeks ago. At the end of week 3 he suddenly began holding up his leg and now at the almost four week mark the leg remains raised, he will not touch it to the ground. The vet has placed him on antibiotics thinking maybe there is an internal infection. He was doing very well, we were doing the slow walks and his progress was great prior to this sudden problem. We have been 100% on top of his mobility and he has not been loose, has not run anywhere, no jumping off of anything, no sudden movements. We are completely at a loss and after four days of antibiotics there is no improvement. Anyone out there have this or something similar happen with their dog?

  2. Lisa~
    did anyone get back to you one this issue as I’m in the same boat. After week 6 he’s still holding leg up, hardly any toe touching.

    1. what procedure is the fishing line surgery?
      i go to “the country vet”in novato,ca or call UC Davis vetrinary div.

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