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Tightrope Surgery and Large Dogs – Wilson

I have an Olde English Bulldogge named Wilson, he is 4 and very active, with re-active personality. I had the tight rope procedure done last year and nothing has changed for Wilson as far as chasing, running, and jumping. Tight rope is much less invasive than TPLO, because with TPLO they actually take out some […]

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Tightrope Surgery Recovery – Charlie the GSP

Charlie, our 83lb German Shorthaired Pointer, age 7, had tightrope surgery on his back right leg on Wednesday, January 25. 2011. Initially he started shaking on his right back leg when standing, our Vet shook his head and said he could not say what was wrong. 6 months later the leg had progressed from shaking […]

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TPLO Repair Surgery on Second Leg – Tilly

This is Tilly’s second knee ligament repair. For her second ACL surgery we chose TPLO. Her left hind leg was done in 2006, and our Vet told us that her right leg had a predisposition to this type of injury, and she has the scars to prove it! This last surgery came about because we […]

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A-Trac Dog ACL Brace and Conservative Management – Bayou

I used the ATrac canine stifle brace on my 8 yr old husky mix and it worked great! The initial fitting was a bit challenging, but after that the brace was easily put on and taken off. He adapted to the knee brace immediately. My only recommendation would be to shave your dog, especially in […]

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Imagesmokin jake001

TPLO ACL Surgery for Dogs – Jacob Sampson

Hello All! My Jake, a 6 year old lab, had the TPLO surgery after a lengthy search for an alternative. He was never overweight; kept him at 70 pounds, a little light, but was wanting to save his hips and knees. Time flies, but it was 2-3 years ago, and the information found on web […]

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Bilateral Tightrope Surgery, Day 1 – Edgar

Day one after bilateral tightrope surgery. We found a vet (Dr. Kelly) in Byron MN, near Rochester who has done about 90 Tightrope repairs. He also does TTA and TPLO. The name of his clinic is Meadow View. Why Tightrope ACL Surgery? We decided on Tightrope as it is much much less invasive and has […]

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Conservative Management Success – Emma

I have a small (42 lbs) APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier) female named Emma. 2 years ago, as of this Christmas, she just stopped using one of her rear legs. As soon as we got back into town I took her to my Vet. She was put under and it was found that she had […]

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Mya at the beach in the A-TraC brace

A-Trac Dynamic Brace After Two Failed Extracapsular Surgeries – Mya

Dog Knee Brace Experience – A-Trac Dynamic Brace [ad#medsquareright250]I had a very different experience with the A-TraC Dynamic Brace than you and Tucker. We used it with phenomenal success! When my Golden Retriever mix (Mya) ruptured her cruciate ligament, we tried Extracapsular surgery but it failed – TWICE! I did not want to put Mya […]

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Conservative Management for Puppies – Hazel

CCL Knee Ligament Injuries in Puppies? One of our readers brings up a good question: Is it possible for a very young dog to have a complete CCL tear and knee ligament damage? Hazel’s Story Our Hazel is a 4 1/2 month old, 45 pound, large breed mutt. We suspect Sheppard, Rotti, Lab… She was […]

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Deuce and Misha

Conservative Management for a Torn Meniscus, Deuce

In September 2010 our dog, Deuce, blew out his knee. We went to the vet and he’s been diagnosed with a torn meniscus. We are going to try the CM method of healing in hopes the scar tissue fills in the spot where it’s torn. Our family can not presently consider surgery because of the […]

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