Double TPLO Surgery – Crash

TPLO Surgery for Dogs

Crash had two TPLO surgeries – first on his right leg, then on his left leg, about 8 months apart.

Crash’s 1st leg was a gradual slow tear. He had been limping for around 6 months, and I finally got talked into taking him to the vet. I did and he had a partial tear. I felt so bad for not taking him in sooner. Here is what I wrote the morning after the first night.

Home After Surgery – The First Night

We laid on the orthopedic dog bed from 6pm to 11pm. He took the tramadol(pain) and Acepromazine(seditive). Took him out to potty just in case but didn’t have to go.

The Second Day

Double TPLO Knee Surgery

Well the 1st night is over. We went to bed at midnight with the pain meds and seditive starting to work. My insulin pump woke me up at 3am to a low cartridge alarm.

Then he woke up at 6 and had to have my attenion. He switched postitions and so did I to the front of the crate. From 8 to 10 am I had my hand in the crate petting him and as so as I started to sleep he would make noise. He is on his antibotic and pain med now along with eating dog food piece by piece wetted with water.


Everything went well he healed on time.

Second TPLO Surgery

Then fast forward to almost 8 months exactly after the 1st surgery. Crash and I came home from dog-sitting for my dad. Crash jumped off the been and made a ouchie sound and then was limping. I called the vet to bring him in. They knew immediately that he tore it as so did I.

TPLO on Both Legs

When I called the surgeon I told them I was on a time crunch b/c in 10 weeks my mom was getting re-married in Hawaii. So we scheduled the initial visit and surgery back to back days. Everything went well and healed 2 weeks faster this time. I have to say that is because Crash/we knew what to do and plus it was nice/warm/sunny out. The last time it was cold/winter/snow.

Both times we gave him all his meds like clockwork. He took a few days before he would poop. The 1st pee was always a river. The 2nd time I didn’t take him pee as often so he peed himself twice which was my fault.

Transportation Experiences

TPLO Dog Ligament Surgery

The 1st time he was in my backseat with Lisa but she had to hold him upright the whole time b/c he wouldn’t lay down and he cried the whole way home. The clear bandage was awful and didn’t even last the 1st night I had to get my dad to take us back and they then just tore it off.

The 2nd time he was in the back of my mom’s SUV and two of us held onto him which made it easier. They also had a better bandage on too. My mom was back in town so I didn’t have to call someone to come watch him while I was at the store/gym.


  • Make sure you have someone to ride with you post surgery. A SUV will be best so you can lay the seats flat.
  • Get a small bowl you can put water in so the e-collar fits around it.
  • The 1st few meals they won’t want to really eat or drink so wet the dog food. I hand fed my dog.

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