Stair Exercises – Video

Dr. James St. Clair of TopDog Health and Rehabilitation demonstrates stair exercises for dogs with cruciate ligament injuries. Like many of the other exercises, stairs should only be incorporated when your dog is ready, i.e. using the leg fully while walking without any discomfort.

Controlling your speed during this exercise is key – The slower you climb, the longer your dog’s foot remains on the step, which makes it more effective.

These slow, controlled stair exercises work to strengthen all the major rear muscle groups, also assisting with extension and flexion of the hind legs.

One thought on “Stair Exercises – Video

  1. your dog stair exercise is a little confusing. You say “this is the way to NOT do the stair exercise” and show how you take the dog up the stairs fast. Putting less weight on the leg . . . then you say the faster the better this exercise will be in recovery. So that is NOT the way is confusing. So maybe I am not hearing it correctly. My dog had a ACL injury back leg – no surgery, but I have been diligent on recovery. It’s been two years now and we walk an hour a day. Rarely do I let him run around too much in fear of it tearing again. He seems fine. But I am considering moving into an apartment on the second level and wondering if going up and down the six steps several times a day should be a concern for me. Your insight is helpful. Thanks!

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