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TPLO Surgery Recovery Time – Wrigley

TPLO Recovery TimeWrigley had TPLO surgery on her right leg in March 2012.

Initially her recovery was slow, but after 52 days was off the couch and going up the stairs to our bedroom and walking like there was nothing wrong.

In June 2012 she blew the ligament in her left leg. We’re day 33 into recovery and she doing very well. This time she used her leg right away. She didn’t seem to have as much discomfort post op. It’s amazing how different both recoveries have been.

Both procedures were done by the same surgeon at the same clinic. Every dog is different, and every time recovery is different. Don’t panic and worry if your dog isn’t recovering as fast as you read others have. They’re just experiencing it differently.

Why I Chose TPLO

Wrigley is a 7 yr old Golden retriever. TPLO has the fastest recovery time. At her age I didn’t want something that would have a long drawn out recovery period that would age her faster (pain,, stress, etc.) – especially since she didn’t have a single white hair before surgery and many have grown in since the first.

Recovery Time for TPLO

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2 Responses to TPLO Surgery Recovery Time – Wrigley

  1. april August 16, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    The 2nd TPLO was so much easier than the 1st. My dog healed 2 weeks faster. I think weather(summer vs. winter) and knowing what was going on helped. He is 1 yr post-op 2nd leg comes on 8-24-12. He walks a little bowlegged now but healthy as can be. My 6 year old 41 pound puggle. 1st leg post-op is 12-28-10.

  2. Barbara August 17, 2012 at 8:54 am #

    My 2 year old labrador Piper is almost 8 weeks into her second TPLO surgery. She had her first 18 weeks ago. She came home from the first not using the leg for a week and slowly came around and did very well. At 10 weeks we had the other leg operated on and she came home three days later using both legs perfectly! I attributed it to her now having a stable leg to rely on. When she came home the first time she had a torn ligament in the other leg and wasn’t stable at all.
    She hasn’t grown the hair in on this last leg as quickly though. The hardest part is keeping her calm and contained and not letting her run or play or climb the stairs by herself. She just turned 2 four weeks ago! She has been on a leash and quiet watch for 18 weeks now and we have at least 6-8 weeks to go! AAgh! THIS is the hard part. We go in for xrays on Tuesday and hopefully all will be great and we can get the OK to start the rehab process.
    TPLO was the only way to go for our very young and active 80lb English lab! Hopefully she will have many years ahead of her to run and play with all of her friends.

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